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Frequently Asked Questions

Please, read before asking 🙂

Purchases and refunds

We accept Bank Transfer and PayPal.
Yes. This option is available within PayPal.
In case of courses, you can ask for 100% refund only if the course is canceled. If the course is posponed you cannot ask for refund.
No refund policy available for 3D models and the book Simplified Complexity.
Coupons are used during checkout process, in the cart page.

Courses and Diplomas

Yes! For Rhinoceros/Grasshopper courses you will receive an official McNeel diploma. For Revit courses you will receive a diploma that will allow attending the Autodesk exam (ATC) to apply for Autodesk certification. For other courses (Blender, V-Ray, ...) you will receive a diploma.
Each course has a specific duration. Even if a student completes all the lessons and exams before the specified duration, he/she still has to wait for the course to end.


You can use the standard lost password method available in the login page.
Yes. The link is at the bottom of every newsletter.
Only purchased courses appear in the profile page.
Two things can happen.
Purchase from a mobile device
If you purchased the course from iOS or Android registration and purchase might have failed. Please send us the receipt at
Multiple accounts
If you created multiple accounts using different emails or your Facebook or Google account, try to login with the right account.

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